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Video of the successful First Pitch of Sato Takeru and Atsuro Watabe earlier today, April 15, 2014.

Source: Faye Chen on youtube.

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Sato Takeru in TV fan CROSS vol.10 2014.05

thanks to seri1102 for allowing me to share her scans XD

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"New eras don’t come about because of swords, they’re created by the people who wield them"

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めざましテレビ「ビター・ブラッド」 今夜

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First O.A. (On Air) of “Bitter Blood- the worst and strongest father-son detectives” tomorrow.

Source: http://satohtakeru.amuseblog.jp/blog/2014/04/post-1933.html


Good evening, everybody!!


Finally, the first episode of the drama ‘Bitter Blood ~The Worst and Strongest Father and Son Detectives~’ will be aired on Fuji TV network, so we’ll report the latest news from the shooting site.


Takeru is looking seriously on the video monitor!


(Photo 1)


On that day, they did the shooting at Ginza Police Station early in the morning!

He was drinking hot cocoa! LOL


(Photo 2)


Takeru and cherry blossoms!


(Photo 3)


The shooting is still going on, but tomorrow is the first day of the drama, so Takeru will appear on Fuji TV from morning through night!

Please check it from early in the morning!

That’s all for today’s staff report!

Thanks for translating! <3 Oh I wanna drink hot cocoa tonight. It’s perfect for this rainy evening! I love Hershey’s Cocoa with marshmallows. (=^_^=)

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Satoh Takeru

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Takeru in TVLIFE 2014 No.8

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Super Handsome Live 2013

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Takeru Satoh Official site | Information



‘Taketere vol.28’ will be on!

‘Taketere vol.28 ~Taketere×BitaBra SP!~’ will be broadcast

Our staffs will cover the shooting site of ‘Bitter Blood’ ~The Worst and Strongest father and son detectives~’ closely!!

They will sneak into the press conference for the new drama, the promotional activities, and even the first-pitch ceremony!?

Thus, we’ll invite all of you to ask Takeru questions about ‘Bitter Blood’ ~The Worst and Strongest father and son detectives~’!!

To ask questions, you have only to post them on your twitter account with a hush tag #たけてれビタブラ】☆

The deadline is at 12:00 on April 15th Tuesday. *Japan time

We’re looking forward to many questions!!



‘Taketere vol.28’

Start at 20:00 on April 22nd Tuesday (tentatively) *Japan time

Recorded show (not live)

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2014 May visual movie magazine +act. part.1_satoh takeru

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AKI | KanoUso Side story eps 1

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i’m speechless

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Horoyoi Q&A [English subbed]


source: video on YT uploaded by HoroyoiSuntory

translation: stephany_310

*note by steph
I’ve never heard of ‘Cable-suspension-bridge Effect’ LOL
This must be neologism by Takeru XD
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